Mass by Amy Mason

Amy Mason created her own religion, and tonight I attended her Mass. Not some weird kind of cult, but something based loosely on her ideals of religion from growing up in a catholic family, and it was beautiful yet so simple.

Performed at Bristol Old Vic and presented by Ferment, this was an uplifting show.  I have never felt an alignment with any particular faith but through story and sharing her own view on belief and faith and it’s purpose in our society. Mason made me realise the vacant space in my life that could be filled with religion, or a faith of some kind. If only there was something that I could identify with.

Mass was that thing. It didn’t tell of miracles we could never achieve, or set ideals of perfection we can never live up to.  Instead the sermon was about an unassuming moment of bonding between father and daughter. The prayers were common sense messages about appreciating your friends and family, even if they are a bit shit sometimes.  Each prayer ended in a ‘Hooray’, rather than an ‘Amen’.

Most of all, Amy Mason’s Mass showed how different society is now. In the past people would have been brought together with their faith during a crisis, and faith could have been a guide. But now, we can’t all rely on having that shared thing.

Performed mainly by Mason, with a little help from her brother, an audience member, Otis Redding, and some cider, the performance required minimal staging. I left enlightened and determined to be just a little more considerate to others.

Highlight for me, was having my prayer read out and getting a hooray from Amy, and sharing a common moment with others. Judging from the reaction throughout, and applause at the end, I certainly wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the experience.

There is more from Amy Mason here.


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