Small Stories

Small Stories is an almost monthly Bristol occurence, where writers can share work, and listeners can enjoy said work.

Tonight was chapter 6, and was the first month I have managed to catch.  I had been recommended this as a good night of entertainment, creativity and obviously chance to meet other writerly type people and see what they are up to.

I wasn’t disappointed.  There was a loose theme of Halloween and spooky content, but this was not a strict entrance requirement for those who were chosen to speak. The variety of work was incredibly diverse – ranging from a monologue about fear, a tale of being haunted by the ancient God of story to Thomas the Tank Engine themed breaking bad satire revenge lit.

The set up works well, everything is just about short enough to give you a taste with out you becoming accustomed. The is a break half way through to go to the bar or loo. And since I managed to get a chair I was very comfortable for the 2.5 hours that the evening lasted.

It does seem as though the event might be over growing its current home, the fabulous Small Bar on King Street, although a backdrop of a bookshelf did seem entirely appropriate. So be sure to check the venue as I suspect they may have to move, if you are thinking of coming to the next event.

I will look forward with much anticipation to the next event, and encourage everyone to join in.  Small Stories is jointly run by Natalie Burns and Sian Wadsworth.

Contributing writers were; Clare Crestani, Pete Sutton, Alison Powell, Ellen Waddell, Rosie, Sharratt, Paul Edwards, A. A. Abbott, Lindsey Turner, Thomas Parker and Christopher Cutting.


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