Alela Diane

I had the pleasure of seeing Alela Diane whilst in France, she performed at L’Observatoire in Cergy, on the north west edge of Paris. It is a small venue and Alela brought in a good crowd.

She has a wonderful soulful country sound – if that genre even exists. If I were to compare her, to try to give you an idea of what she is like, I would say she sounds like a folky Regina Spektor with elements of Bic Runga and an echo of Florence from Florence and the Machine.

Alela is a solo musician who plays a guitar, she has an elegance to the way she plays. You barely notice her hands move and yet it sounds as though there is more than one person playing. Who needs a looper, her fingers are so dexterous.

Originally from California, her songs are in English. Which seemed a little strange however the support act, who were French, sung in a mixture of English and French and this seems quite normal. Alela’s songs cover a broad spectrum of topics but all seem very personal in their message and are often moving to listen to.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, or you are looking for something new. I would recommend checking her out. Either look at her website or on Sound Cloud

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