Jackson Hill

Jackson Hill are a ‘Folk Duo’, according to their card.  However I was lucky enough to speak to one half of the duo and discovered that the double bassist and violinist are fairly recent (within the last 6 months) additions to their band, thus making them a foursome.

Jackson Hill were performing in an intimate venue called Under the Stars, a boat on the harbourside of Bristol. The boat is permanently moored in place and doesn’t move at all, which was probably a good thing as it would have been swaying from the clapping and foot stomping Jackson Hill induce.

The music this small group produce is intoxicating, and creates a vacuum which sucks you in and makes you feel instantly relaxed and at home, although I was in an unfamiliar venue. The two singers have an echo of Johnny Cash and June Carter (thanks Sophie for the prompt), but such a strong sound of their own that it took some time to put my finger on who they reminded me of. As a collective, all 4 are incredibly talented and the due who started Jackson Hill play between them Banjo, Melodica, guitar, ukulele and harmonica – probably more too…

They are a soulful harmony of folk, but a modern folk that will certainly appeal to audiences who don’t usually listen to Folk.

I recommend you check out their Facebook page to find out when they are next on, and listen to some of their music here.

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