What Elsie Knows

At the Wardrobe Theatre on St Michael’s Hill, What Elsie Knows is a solo performance written, directed and performed by Bella Fortune.

The short piece explores image and self-worth. Set in the lead up to a night out Lizzie is having a conversation with Elsie. But Elsie doesn’t exist.

This format created some room for the audience to place meaning on the imagined relationship built through this conversation. Pondering the relationships that women have with one another, are they supportive or do we put one another down too much?

There were some excellent comic moments in the dialogue and I spied a cleverly combined image of the letters L and E to create a new super hero symbol.

However petty the events in the play might seem, the over all subject is one which needs more air time – that of respecting ourselves and each other. Despite some areas forimprovement, the silence of realisation was still a powerful and emotional end.

I left feeling that the text needs some development and more variety of vocabulary. There could be more choreography to build in a deeper level of meaning – the play is quite direct with what it’s trying to say, and apart from multiple costume changes is visually not very adventurous.

Mayfest continues until Sunday 25th May 2014.

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