Derren Bown – Infamous, Bristol Hippodrome

Thursday 24th April 2014 was my first experience of seeing Derren Brown live. I hadn’t previously watched more than 10 minutes of Derren Brown on TV, or otherwise. This was a new encounter for me, the natural skeptic.

As a fan of most kind of live performance, I did go along with an open mind, determined to at least enjoy the show.  Although I won’t reveal any details of the actual show should any readers of this post happen to be Derren Brown fanatics with tickets for a later date on the tour.

What I experienced was a show which lacked empathy and credibility, I could have done without all the ‘story telling’, but it was a show which blew my mind, with clever mind tricks and memory magic. To, not only, be capable of the memory feats he attempts, but to create the elaborate maze linking each part together is very clever and fantastic to witness.

I appreciate that some people have paid their money and perhaps expect a full rounded show. Also in an age of X-Factor life stories perhaps we demand performers/celebrities to share their life with us. For me, this element of the show didn’t quite connect and I felt it was just used as a device to link composite parts.

I go to theatre to suspend my disbelief, the beauty of true theatre and most forms of art is that there are no rules as to what I am going to think. I can come out with an infinite amount of ideas, and opinions. Infamous has one aim, to shock and make everyone think the same thing. This is how Brown’s psychological tricks work. Therefore I am struggling to work out quite what the show is and how it fits alongside other types of performance I see.  As a result, I also feel like this may not be something I see again, as I would be likely to leave with the same emotions and opinions.

There are so many other things to see and experience.

I will leave you with a quote used in the show “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” (I was unable to find an accurate original source for the quote).


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