A New Direction (different to One Direction) – This blog is changing

Inspired by the blog of writer Tom Vowler (http://oldenoughnovel.blogspot.co.uk), who is blogging about the process of writing a novel. I am going to start putting up some of the weird stuff that goes through my mind when trying to write, form a plot, create new characters and when I begin to live in their weird twisted world.  Although I enjoy writing about things that I see and experience, above all my first writing love is in the form of original text.  Mostly I am trying to write plays, but through my new direction with this blog I hope to explore other forms too; short story, prose, poetry…
It is tragedy that has inspired my to make the momentous decision to post more original work on this page.  Today I discovered that the last back up I attempted on the computer didn’t work. Instead it wiped everything from the last 6 months. Some of my writing from this period still exists, in the form of attachments on emails. These are not very recent and don’t contain everything I have created in this short period.
Posting something on some online platform is now my fail-safe way of storing at least a rough record of what I am creating.
Losing some of my work made me feel like questioning everything about who I am, and what I am trying to do. My initial reaction was to give up, what’s the point in trying, this isn’t the first time something like this has befallen me.  I am not best friends with technology.
However I am made of something more resilient. So now I am behind and I have a lot of writing to do to catch up with where I was.  The first few writing submission opportunities that I want to enter close at the end of March. So I am going to ban myself from watching TV for a week.  I work full-time, so evenings must be spent writing. The minute I sit down in front of the black box of doom, all my creative energy is sucked away.
TV WILL BE MY DOWNFALL – IF MY DOWNFALL HAS NOT YET HAPPENED. How do you know when it has happen? I feel really fucking low right now. Maybe it has happened. Or maybe only downfalls happen to those in high places. I don’t feel like I have fallen that far.
So back to the drawing board…or should that be writing  board. To start again.



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