Banff Mountain Film Festival UK & Ireland Tour, Komedia, Bath

If I had to sum this up in one word, it would be – GO!

Amazing selection of 8 films, show casing an array of mountain and extreme sports activities in incredible locations across the globe.

Highlights were;

North of the Sun. 2 young Norwegian  men who found a bay on a remote artic island, accessible only over a rather large hill -some may call it a mountain. Living a basic life, they form a rough house from debris they found on the beach. I suspect they may have also had some help with a little extra wood and there is certainly a third person doing some of the filming but never the less it is beautifully shot and put together. A simple film about people going back to basics and just living. With some awesome surfing and snowboarding thrown in for good measure.

Keeper of the Mountain. A film about Elizabeth Hawley who has singlehandedly maintained The Himalayan Database since 1960, despite never having explore a mountain herself. The beauty of the film was the confidence Elizabeth had when she initially set out for what would end up being her home, Kathmandu. She knows more about the routes up the Himalayan peaks than any mountaineer.

Watching it all, I do wonder at the human compulsion for thrill and adventure. Perhaps only certain people have this – I know I’m one of them. But what is it in us that makes us do these things? Some of us draw the line at where we will stop much sooner than others. Some people go much further and push to new extremes of human survival and achievement. Espen Fadnes is perhaps one of these, as the Wingsuit World Champion.

Either way the Banff Film Festival World Tour is certainly an excellent way to spend the evening and the tour of both lists of films continues in the UK until  May 11. 


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