Walking Talking, Exhibition by PLaCE – The Parlour Showrooms

A selection of artists have been brought together by PLaCE, looking at rural and urban landscapes and how we understand and navigate them. 

Small space, just a few individual pieces with a big subject matter. An excellent starting point forfurther exploration by the walks taking place from Thursday this week. 

A mix of imagined stories, factual history and maps, creating new landscapes with new identities. The Red Book 2013 by Sarah Rhys and Sue Maude is rooted in the factual past of Bristol documents, compilations of rules and customs dating from the 12th century that were known as Red Books. 

Footfalls, 2012 was inspired by Beckett’s original script of the same name. Exploring a space using strict movement, safe within regimented instructions. Sticking to the rules. There is beauty in the image of planks of wood with text printed on thin paper stuck to them. Shadows moving along the walls with the stages of the sun. A rough beauty.

Exhibitions continue see the website for more details http://www.parlourshowrooms.co.uk/walkingtalking-and-exhibition-by-place/


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