A Lexicon of Labour Movements, part of In The City Series – Parlour Showrooms, Bristol

A Lexicon of Labour Movements was described as choreographed demonstrations of the actions that go with tools that were on display in an exhibition around the Parlour Showroom’s main space. 
As is so often the case with this type of performance (in my humble opinion) it makes much more sense knowing the inspiration and subject behind the concept. The movement itself was not ascommitted as I would have liked. I couldn’t see the elbow grease. I was also pleased that it was only 30 minutes as a performance due to it being very slow moving and I didn’t see the narrative. There was no music, no lighting effects, just stripped back performance exploring simplicity of movement. 

Following the performance on the Sunday there was also a Tea Break Talk, inspired again by the theme for this month which is about Working in The City. Co-Curated by Cara Davies and two guest speakers the talk explored ideas of the use of tools, and affect on our movement and lives. 
What I have taken away from the second event in this 6 month series of events being held at Parlour Showrooms, Park Street, Bristol is to consider the extent to which I use things as tools. Including roads, water, a computer, signs, I suppose speech as well is a tool used to achieve a task. How all of this affects me and others around me. If I can use these tools more effectively. Can other people teach me better ways of using tools.
In The City series continues ….http://www.inthecityseries.co.uk/August 

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