Rocky Horror Show – Bristol Hippodrome – 40th Anniversary Production

This is a show that anyone who loves musicals must see at some point in their lives. It has great music, it is sexy and shocking and, done right, can be very funny.

This performance certainly didn’t disappoint. It was full of energy and well produced. Although choreography was slick and the cast worked well together, it could have been more adventurous. Showing the performers as actors and singers who can dance. Rather than a group of people who have been classically trained. What they did was well executed.

Frank ‘n’ Furter was particularly impressive, glamorous and had excellent posture and incredible muscle tone. Janet was sickly sweet and Brad was the naive geek you would expect.

Rhydian played Rocky, and was in my opinion a weaker character. Perhaps because he used to using his voice to wow and the character did not give him that opportunity.

The set was kept simple and this left a good space on the stage for the action.

The heckling from the Bristol audience certainly added to the atmosphere and the action was moved along with a confident, natural performance from the narrator.

This show is on at the Bristol Hippodrome until Saturday 24th August when it moves along on it’s tour to Oxford New Theatre on August 27th.


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