The Eye of the Hare, Pip Heywood part of Ferment Fortnight at Bristol Old Vic Theatre

Like all the work in Ferment Fortnight this piece was still in development.

However in many aspects it did feel as though it was a complete piece. I think this was partly due to Pip Heywood who wrote and performed the work, as he had a very calm and relaxed delivery. He looked comfortable on stage and he was telling his own story, so in a way he knew it better than anyone else ever could.

The performance used an interesting mix of direct dialogue aimed at the audience, some reading of a story from a book, some music, some recorded dialogue, pictures and film to tell the story.

The multi-media performance worked well as it demonstrated Heywood’s past as a documentary film editor, he is used to weaving the visual and aural to make a finished piece.

The story was emotional, moving and interesting. Where it needs work is in the tightening up over all, and a little editing. Some of the scenes seemed a little disconnected and perhaps didn’t add enough.

The scenery and objects on stage, however, worked well and all had reason and purpose. Especially the angle poise lamp which cleverly doubled as a video camera, projecting images underneath it on to a screen.

Pip Heywood is an interesting man, and I am sure has many more stories he could share. It was produced by Stand + Stare who I am sure were responsible for the arrangement on stage and atmosphere created by the arrangement of lighting with sound. I would feel confident seeing more of their work.


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