The Story Giant, Shanty Theatre Company, Bristol Old Vic

Today is the first day of Ferment Fortnight at the Bristol Old Vic, a season of new works still in development. This is always and excellent chance not just to see something new and in the making, but also to get a bargain. Most of the tickets are £4 or less.  So for those less experimental this is the chance to try something you wouldn’t ordinarily see, with out needing to spend too much.

The Story Giant is the begining of a beautiful tale, made for adults and kids, about a Giant who is the keeper of all the stories ever. Unfortunately though he is dying, and the only thing that can save him is discovering the last story that he doesn’t know. The problem is he doesn’t know what the story is, so doesn’t know where to find it.

On what he suspects might be his last night, 4 children from 4 corners of the earth appear in his castle through their dreams, and he believes that they can help him find the last story. The did not have an end, so I do not know whether it was happy or not.

What I do know is that Shaty Theatre cleverly use original songs and music played on guitar, violin, flute and ukelele by the performers, to tell the story, along side simple verse and imaginitive movement. With low blue and purple lighting they create a magical enchanted feel and a very basic set

The play explores the art of story telling, as well as the idea of story creation, imagination and dream from a childs perspective. Creating a sense of wonder and awe.

There was a small amount of over acting which was a little tedious. The play also needs more rehearsal time to create a smoother transition between each short arc, as there were pauses and atmospheric moments which went on too long. 

The movement and general choregraphy could be a little more adventurous and playful, the performers can clearly manage more.

Looking forward to the opportunity to see this after further development, and with and ending! 

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