Bohemian Rhapsody – Bristol Hippodrome – Tuesday 28th May

Full of energy and a vibrant show but for something carrying the eponymous name of a Queen masterpiece for me it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. ‘Love of my Life’ became a Mariah Carey karaoke classic and the 6 main singers were all trying for their moment in the lime light, acting as though the show was their opportunity to make it about them and be noticed. Rather than making a show a real tribute to Queen some of the songs wereunrecognisable.

There were some fancy lights on a frame that moved up and down at one point in the show, not actually adding to the performance, but almost knocking out one of the band.

Cheap costumes that looked like imitation rocky horror picture show costumes and uncoordinated repetitive choreography.

Some of the performers were really talented but with poor sound control and all individuals fighting against one another to be the star of the show, no one really got chance to shine.

Over all Queen were great because they were uncomplicated. Freddie was their one front man, they didn’t need 6 front men. The music alone can be the show, and it was over the top, Fun. But nothing new and nothing memorable.

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