Bike – By Katherine Mitchell at the Bierkeller Bristol

Honest. That is the first word that came to mind when I read the blurb Mitchell wrote about the play in the programme. That is also the first word that came to mind after the play, but the two emotions I felt were totally different. 

The play is based on the idea of women’s sexuality and growing up. It is a monologue and the main character starts the play as a prepubescent girl who receives a bell from her (soon to be) step father. The bell then almost plays a part in the play it’s self, marking the changes of sexual partner, one after another after another. As the woman in the play explores her sexuality throughout her late teens and early 20’s.

There is a huge amount of humour in the play, and some moments make you laugh but more out of a nervousness of not knowing what else to do. Emotions are laid bare and although quite a lot of the play centres on sexuality the woman becomes and very full and rounded character.

There are several moments in the play where my skin went tingly, and I was brought close to tears as we are forced to look at why this woman can not settle with one partner and continues to seek the height of orgasmic pleasure. 

There were some elements of the performance that I found irritating to begin with but all of this fell away as the story telling was so strong and compelling. I thought that the play would be honest, but it went to a new level and told a story that is rarely told about women and the discovery of how powerful our bodies can be. 


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