Cherry Healey – How to Get a Life

Cherry Healey has covered a number of topics from sex and relationships to work and social life in her series How to Get a Life.  Things we can all identify with, and make our own decisions over.  In each episode Cherry finds people who live their lives to extremes, either part animals or workaholics. The programme follows them for a day, and Cherry asks searching questions.

I was skeptical of the program first as I thought it would be quite superficial, but she raises some very interesting questions about how we lives our lives. And over all, it does make me think about the choices I have made.  A lot of the time it makes me feel happy for having what I feel is a good balance  between the various aspects of my life.  

Could she go a little deeper and spend more time with these people?  I think there is definitely room for that, as each episode of the series is just under an hour and we meet at least 4 people/groups of people in each so only glimpse the surface of what has made them who they are now. But would it turn in to a self help series if we did spend more time with each person.  Would it suddenly become more about the negative impact of the choices they make and how these can be rectified. 

My lasting impression of the series is that it has made me feel more positive and appreciative of where I am in life.  And made me want to focus on achieving the next thing on my to do list.


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